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Important Places in your Life

We wrote a writing with our Language teacher, Dani Barra, about a special place that we share with a friend. In my case I choosed Nico Monguzzi and we decided to choose Miramar because we spent a fantastic summer. Also, my … Sigue leyendo

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Nervous System

In our Biology class we read and watched a video of the nervous system. Also, we made some activities that are in Male’s blog. 1a: -The control centre are the receptors, neurones, central nervous system and the nervous system. 1b: Motor Neuron: Carry signals … Sigue leyendo

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Ghost Story

This is my Ghost Story that I had to do for Language, I recorded it my self and put some photos on a video.

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Gas Exchange

In Biology we are studying the Respiratory System. Today we learnt about the gas exchange and we made a chart about it.   Inspired air Expired Air Oxygen 21% 16% Respiration (raw materials) Carbon Dioxide 0.04% 4% Respiration (waste products) … Sigue leyendo

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Booktube Not a penny more not a penny less

This is my Booktube I made for Language. I tell the story of the book written by Jeffrey Archer, I don’t tell the end so I don’t spoil it!

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In our class of Biology we have seen the topic “Pathogens”. Then our teacher told us to do a presentation for adults explaining this topic. Here is the presentation. I worked with Tomas Borda, Juan Lutowicz, Joaco Venini and Tomi Anania. … Sigue leyendo

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Testimony of Marcel Sztejnberg

In computación and history we traduced the prezi from French to English made by Marcel Sztejnberg about his testimony from WW2. I worked with Lucila Gaimbruni, Epi Nicora and Mara Ripoll.      

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Heart Worksheet

We completed a photocopy about the heart in our Biology class with our teacher, Male Ravagnan      

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Online Test

We made an online test in Language about the gothic genre and three stories we had read in class. We had to create an Infographic in Piktochart about the Gothic genre and it’s characteristics. Then, in task 2 we had to interview one of … Sigue leyendo

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In Literarure we started reading our next poem: Continuum, by Allen Curnow. After reading it, discussing it and analizing it, we realzed it was very similiar to “The Woodspurge”. In my opinion this poem resemblences “The Woodspurge” since they both carry … Sigue leyendo

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