In Business we are studying the selection process of a job. We had to put some detailes of the job. We searched in a website.


They are looking for inteligent and creidble.


Sales people who have been well trined and have the determinations to succed in a new business sales.

-Personal qualifications:

You have to be available 8 hours everyday and  you will have to call people and offer our services. You may be driven  and optimistic, with a positive attitude. Also, you have to have the ability to be self driven.


You will have to call many people as you can and offer our services and tell them that is better for them to have our services than the ones they have at that moment. You will be sitting one next to one and you will need some help of your teammates. It is important that you know all the prices and detailes of our services, our disadvantages or advantages. If you want to progress you may attract many clients you can.

-People in charge:

Not specified

-You will have to report and obey:

Not specified

-This job is a:

Is a new position

-Would you change anything in the advertisement?

Yes, I would change the fact that there isn’t too many information like the fact that in the website there is no information about the people in charge or the person you will obey.

-The company:

The company is Retail Sales.



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