We answered some questions that our teacher Pato Chujman gave us.


  • The woman wants to avoid making patterns on the sand  because she belive that nature has to control that things and she doesn’t have to change tha nature. She stepped on the path trying not to disturb the loveless life and to be passive.
  • She is saying that she believe that the nature should be made by their own and that no one have to change that things thats why she doesn’t want to go to the beach.
  • This symbolize that is in the middle of two cultures, the one of Africa and the other of Great Britain, and he balance because she wants to live but she wants to stay too because of her daughter.
  • The sea is a metaphor for the protagonist because she adapts to all the places and also she recedes and goes foward like she. Also, she is always thinking about the past.
  • The image of the quotation is that the protagonist doesn’t like the things in that moment, she miss the things of the past in Great Britain.
  • She can’t understand what happend to all her things like husband and that is very difficult for her to adapt to a new culture like the Egipcian.
  • She always revert back to her own culture because she miss a lot her life in Great Britain, and also, she can’t stop thinking of her daughter, she doesn’t want her daughter to be educated by the Egipcian culture.
  • The imagery on paragraph two represent that she can’t talk with anybody because she can’t understand, also, she feel alone and isolated because as she can’t communicate she doesn’t talk and have fun with anybody.
  • When she was married with her husband in Great Britain the protagonist was very in love and having a lot of fun, when she remembered that life she said “Late nights at the movies” or “I should have gone”, the woman missed so much that life that she wants to go back to Great Britain.
  • When her husband and the narrator lived in Great Britain they used to go to the park and read the newspaper. Also, when she finished the work they met at the bus station. But now, nothing of that was happening so she missed this “with no great sense of loss”, not with sadness.
  • In this quotation she explains how she feels in Egipt and describe how the Africans were, the protagonist doesn’t like the African people, she says they are very insignificant compare to the people in Great Britain.
  • The woman loves his baby, she thanks the nature for the creation of this baby. It is so important for her too because as the narrator was so isolated, one of the few things she could do was to be with the baby.
  • This quotation explain to us that she feels very isolated and lonley because of the new culture.
  • In this paragrapgh she is trying to transmit through this repetition is that she would have liked her child not to be grown up in her husband’s land. She prefers her daughter to be born in UK like she because the narrator thought it was better.
  • She doesn’t like Egipt at all, the narrator thinks she doesn’t belong to that country. The protagonist felt unless because as she can’t communicate with the other people she can’t do anything.
  • She wouldn’t leave her husband and go back to UK only because of her daughter, this person is very important for the narrator, she also thinks that it is very importnat for the baby to have her dad and mom at this age.
  • In this quote she explained how happy she feels of being used by her daguhter, the narrator feels usefull for the first time that she was in Egipt.
  • In this phrase she said that is feeling good because the narrator realised that the most important things are in Egipt like her daughter and that she wouldn’t leave her.
  • In my opinion she would feel very bad or undervalued of being that woman, she loves to be the well educated woman that loves her country.
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