The Outbreak of the Cold War

In History we started to see the Cold War between USA and the USSR. We watched a presentation and some videos in Lenny’s blog and had to ask some questions.

1) The wartime alliance between USA and the USSR was fall apart because of they different thoughts of how to rule a country and the past. USA was capitalist and the USSR was communist. The Soviet Union didn’t forget that the United States wanted to destroy the Russian Revolution in 1917 and she thought that USA didn’t give so much help to them at war. On the other hand, the United States couldn’t forget that the USSR firmed the Nazi-Soviet Pact with Germany and there people suffered of Red Scare.

2) The majors differences between The Super Powers were that one was Capitalist and the other Communism so they wouldn’t decide what to do with Germany. Other was that USSR wanted huge reparations from Germany because they used the strategy called the Scorched earth and USA wanted to help the Germans to recover. Other difference is that the Soviets wanted protection from Germany but USA and Britain were scared of the USSR’s powers.

3) The importance of Yalta and Potsdam conference was that when the war ended, the USSR, USA and Britain wanted to decide how to organize the world and get together. When they started to discuss, the tension was bigger because they didn’t agree. In Yalta they made a Protocol of proceedings in which they agreed to divide Germany into four states, bring Nazi war-criminals to trial, set up a Polish Provisional Government of National Unity, help the freed peoples of Europe set up democratic and self-governing countries and set up a commission to look into reparations.

At Yalta, negotiation went very in Stalin’s favour because Japan wanted the USSR to join with her the war but then Stalin agree with USA and Britain to join the war in the Pacific, in return for occupation zones in North Korea and Manchuria and that Russia also agreed to join the United Nations.

At Potsdam the meeting wasn’t successful because relations between the superpowers had worsened considerably since Yalta,  Rooevelt had died, and America had a new president, Truman, who was inclined to ‘get tough’ with the Russians and that Truman realized that USA was very powerful so didn’t care so much of the USSR. They agreed to do what they agreed in Yalta and that Germany had to pay the Soviets.

After Yalta the Japanese people thought that the USSR was a danger to all Europe because Britain and the USA let her many advantages

Plaschke This is a Japanese cartoon about how USSR was «taking advantages» of the other countries.

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