Cell Structure



Nucleus: It stores the genetic information.

Cytoplasm: It cntains all the organelles and in it the chemical reactions take place.

Cell Membrane: It controls which substances can get into and out of the cell, it is partially permeable.

Cell wall: It maintains the shape of plant cells, supports and strengthens plants, it is fully permeable.

Vacuole: It contains a solution of sugars and salts named cell sap.

Mitochondria: Inside them, oxygen is used to release energy from glucose, in the process of aerobic respiration.

Rybosomes: They produce and contain proteins.

Chloroplasts: Contain a green pigment called Clorophyll which absorbs solar energy that is used for making food for the plants by photosynthesis.

Mithocondria: They contain oxygen used to release energy from glucose (respiration).

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