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Sistema Lineal de Dos Ecuaciones con Dos Incognitas

En Matematica vimos el tema del sistema lineal de dos ecuaciones con dos incognitas. Hay muchas maneras de resolverlo, entonces el profesor Eduardo Dostal nos dio de tarea buscarlas y hacer un Prezi o lo que queramos. Prezi

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Difussion and Osmosis – Lab Work

In Biology we are studying osmosis and diffusion. Today we went to work to the lab and we compared three potato strips. Here is the Task One was placed in a Petri dish with concentrated solution, the other one was clean and dry … Sigue leyendo

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On the Verge of the War…

In History we’re now coming on to the topic that is the great 2nd World War.  I made it with Rochi Hartmann and Agos Alday We saw a meograph made by the people in Senior 5 now when they were in Senior 2, … Sigue leyendo

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Cell Structure

  Nucleus: It stores the genetic information. Cytoplasm: It cntains all the organelles and in it the chemical reactions take place. Cell Membrane: It controls which substances can get into and out of the cell, it is partially permeable. Cell … Sigue leyendo

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Specialisation of cells

Our Biology teacher Male usked to put a picture, the shape, and how the shape is adapted to its function, of ciliated cells, root hair cells, xylem vessels, palisade mesophyll cells, nerve cells, red blood cells and sperm and egg … Sigue leyendo

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La Forma de la Espada

En clase de Lengua, con la profesora Carol Silva, tuvimos que anticipar una historia que íbamos a leer, acá esta mi historia.       El Ingles de la Colorada quería que Cardoso le venda el campo numero 3 y la … Sigue leyendo

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Comparisson «A Birthday» and «The Woodspurge»

We analysse the poem «The Woodspurge» in class and compare to «A Birthday», we compare the tone, theme and atmosphere. I worked with Nicolas Monguzzi The tone in «A Birthday» is very happy and in loved but in «The Woodspurge», … Sigue leyendo

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