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A Birthday

In class we had been working on a poem called “A birthday” by Christina Rossetti and we saw a video and we had to answer the following questions. I worked with Nicolas Monguzzi A. What is the theme? Love, celebration, reborn. … Sigue leyendo

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The Manchurian Crisis.

In our History class we watched a video of the Manchurian Crisis and answered some questions. 1. The video open with some attacks on Poland. This is a very clear image that the league had lost the power. 2. Japan … Sigue leyendo

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Classification of Living Organisms

On Tuesday we made a group work in pairs, my work partner was Joaquin Venini. We had to make an Infographic of Amphibians and a chart.  Infographic Biology

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Revision with Sources

In our History class we revised topics from previous years, we made with different sources. In this case I worked together with Luna Perez Muñiz, Francisco Mosquera, Agostina Alday, Tomas Anania and Agustin Segura. Source 1 (Exercising people): This is … Sigue leyendo

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Characteristics of living organisms

In Biology we learn the characteristics of living organisms for the IGCSE. A) B) Two characteristics of living organisms are  nutrition and respiration. Nutrition as taking in of materials for energy, growth and development .Respiration as the chemical reactions in cells … Sigue leyendo

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Escritura Pautada

En la clase de Lengua hicimos un trabajo bastante divertido. Agarrábamos una hoja y distintas personas decidían el lugar de la historia, un objeto perdido, un personaje, una frase que el personaje va a decir y el momento de la … Sigue leyendo

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