A Person I Will Never Forget

This is a Writting that Pilar Pando, our Writtng and Oral teacher told us to post it here.

I met Franco 5 years ago, he was a very good friend, and his father and mine were very good friends.

He wasnt so tall, it had long brown hair, brown eyes too and a big nose. He was always playing football, he loved it and he was a very good player.

Franco was very funny, he always tells jokes or some funny stories of him, when he younger he loved to play Playstation. He travelled a lot and brought many presents. You can always truste him, i told him many secretsand he never said anything.

When he went on a trip i get bored, I always went to his house when he was there, now he is in Mexico because a football team called him. I will never forget him.

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